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How often are your heart and head in accordance?

If your answer is "rarely" or "never", then you've come to the right place.

When heart and head "are on the same wavelength"
  • you are in ‚flow‘
  • life is effortless and fun
  • you find a fulfilling purpose and are successful with it
  • and you can move entire mountains with ease

I know this phenomenon from my own experience as well as from many years of working with many of my clients.

What is Heartmath ?

Heartmath is an efficient and straightforward self-regulation tool kit.

While what you might have learned in other methods may fade as soon as you step out of the coaching comfort zone back into real everyday life, Heartmath offers you effective and easily applicable tools for self-help.

The effect is proven by 30 years of scientific research by the Heartmath Institute (
Heartmath uses biofeedback and behavioral tools that help you to continue your practice and apply your tools beyond the coaching in your everyday life.

And that is crucial: only by regular practice and repetition of new emotional and mental patterns successful and lasting changes in your life will occur.

During our coaching you will bring your heart back into a harmonious conversation with your head.

This will
  • better your management of your energy resources
  • raise your resilience, your vitality and your productivity
  • increases your emotional intelligence, your intuition and creativity
  • you will feel more fulfilled, relaxed and joyful
  • which will improve your mental and physical health profoundly

My Heartmath offer
  • Heartmath coaching in personal sessions as well as in groups and organizations
  • Heartmath combined with yoga and bodywork
  • Heart field communication for humans and animals