Hatha yoga

The word „hatha“ is a composite of „ha“ meaning sun, and „tha“ meaning moon. Sun and moon are symbolic of the two basic human energy types. Sun energy is active, fueling and warm. Moon energy is relaxing, regenerative and cooling. With today's myriad of demands we are more often involved with sun energy and tend to neglect moon energy aspects. With time we feel stressed, without energy and burnt out. Hatha yoga restores the balance between both energy types in a gentle and sustainable way.

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In hatha yoga we concentrate on the following three aspects:
1. Physical exercises (asanas): We stretch and strengthen the body in calm though activating asanas. Blockages are dissolved, energy can flow freely again, you feel refreshed and relaxed. By concentrating on our bodies we stop the merry-go-round of thoughts in our head.

2. Breathing techniques (pranayama): We become aware of what we do unconsciously and reflexively every day. Conscious breathing centralizes, revitalizes, effectively relieves stress and re-establishes physical and mental energy flows.

3. Deep relaxation / meditation: To round off we relax for 10 minutes. Following physical work our minds become steadied and rested and we learn to know the meditative aspects of yoga.

Open yourself to the fluctuation between contraction and relaxation and learn to harmonize your active and latent basic energies. The key aspects here are stretching, strengthening and regenerative relaxation.