Hormone yoga

In hormone yoga we practise a mixture of hata, and kundalini yoga, and Tibetan meditation techniques.

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Hormone yoga serves to balance, stimulate and revitalize the activity of the most important hormone producing glands of our bodies (pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, ovarian). We do this through a combination of the following techniques:
  • massaging the ovaries through specific movement and postures
  • „bellow pump" breathing (bashtrica), to strengthen the blood circulation and oxygen supply to the lower abdomen
  • the conscious and specific directing of vital energy (prana) to all hormone-producing glands

Hormone yoga is a natural alternative to conventional remedies for menopausal symptoms (hot flushes, low moods, hair loss, sore joints, osteoporosis, dry mucosal membranes, reduced libido) and irregular menstruation in younger women (wishing to become pregnant). The above symptoms can be diminished through hormone yoga, or even completely disappear. Hormone yoga must not be seen as a replacement but as a supplement to professional medical attention.

For whom does hormone yoga make sense

For younger women from 35 with or without symptoms (oestrogen levels begin to sink from the age of 35), for women in their menopause who do not wish to undergo conventional hormone therapies, for younger women with irregular menstruation or with an early menopause due to stress.