Swinging Yogaboard yoga

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Dear Yoginis & Yogis

Image "Welches_Yoga_fuer_mich:JoyOfYoga_WelchesYogaFuerMich_SwingingYogaBoat_Scandasana.jpg"Summertime. We remember ... sun, water, fun ... being out on the water with the SUP (Stand Up Paddling Board). Paddling or trying a few yoga exercises on a shaky surface. It's a lots of fun, a really good workout and boosts your balance immensely.

In order to enjoy all of these advantages in winter & on land, even if you don't have your own board, I have developed a special Swinging Yoga Board. And I now offer Swinging Yoga Board workshops in small groups of up to 6 participants as soon as Lockdown is over. My Swinging Yoga Board (Swinging YoBo) offers space for the whole yoga mat and has curved rockers that create the „wobble feeling" of standing on the water.
The rockers are even available at different heights, so the board adjusts to your level: 1 = easy 2 = medium 3 = advanced

Here is a small demo video.

Positive effects of the yoga board

Image "Welches_Yoga_fuer_mich:JoyOfYoga_WelchesYogaFuerMich_SwingingYogaBoat_Boot.jpg"The following benefits will arise naturally & playful, with a lots of fun & joy.
  • you definitely improve your balance in every situation that life throws at you
  • you stabilize the deep lying muscles, toning your body especially the entire core. Thus the board is fantastic for the back, useful as prevent and as therapy for back problems
  • you strengthen your pelvic floor due to constantly stabilizing your postures
  • you improve your body awareness and your fine motor skills
  • you surely discover some new, yet unfamiliar muscles
  • your propio-perception (joint position, alignment, direction of movement) and muscle tension will be increased
  • you enhance the awareness of your body position on the board. Thus your placements are more stable and secure and transits between asanas are more fluid and effortless
  • the stabilization and improvement of your posture prevents injuries and reduces tension in your body
  • intensifies stretches by gentle rocking and swinging, working like a connective tissue massage
  • you‘re absolutely the here and now, no chance to drift off: you increase your mindfulness and presence and regain calm, centeredness and focus
  • your normal floor yoga practice will improve sustainably

Workshops on the YoBo

Image "Welches_Yoga_fuer_mich:JoyOfYoga_WelchesYogaFuerMich_SwingingYogaBoat_Hoher_Ausfallschritt.jpg"My Swinging YoBo workshops are for all levels, last 120 minutes and cost 50-60€. You don't need to bring any extra material. Small groups with max. 6 participants, spots will be allocated after receipt of the registration. There will also be a waiting list for further WSs. Due to the lockdown we will coordinate the final dates via doodle as soon as lockdown is lifted. Register now  for the WSs via me: anjaaddis@gmail.com.

Personal YoBo Session

Image "Welches_Yoga_fuer_mich:JoyOfYoga_WelchesYogaFuerMich_SwingingYogaBoat_Halber_Bogen.jpg"If you want to try the YoBo right away, you can book a YoBo personal session (1,50€ / minute). I recommend at least 60 minutes. Register now via me: anjaaddis@gmail.com.

Buy YoBo

If you want to purchase a board you can order your YoBo directly via me: anjaaddis@gmail.com. A YoBo costs 170€ (including value added tax), is made of beautiful wood and is produced at a regionally furniture manufacturer.

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