Vinyasa flow yoga

The Sanskrit word „vinyasa“ means „to place in a special way“. It refers to the fact that there is no given order of asanas as in other yoga disciplines. By creatively and playfully varying the order of asanas we achieve flexibility and an ease of movement and thinking.

It is not just the choice of asanas themselves, equally important is a harmonious and fluent variation between asanas. This is achieved by consciously combining movement and breathing. The asanas are no longer isolated exercises but blend into a whole. The blending of breathing and movement (e.g. in the sun salutation), of asana and asana, varies with accessing and dwelling in individual asanas. In this way we build a connection between body, breathing, and mind, and thereby achieve a wonderful meditation in movement, in flow. Vinyasa yoga is both gentle and relaxing, as well as stimulating and powerful.

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This creative, flexible and invigorating form of vinyasa yoga creates a platform for constantly changing focus during the session, for instance breathing, inner processes or even therapeutic emphasis e.g. on the neck, shoulders, back, etc. „In vinyasa we are in a continual flow of change. Breathing, motion, body, mind, above and below, within us and around us, it is all connected. When we are consciously aware of each breath, each transition and each asana, we cultivate a presence, composure and openness and are prepared for whatever happens, without expecting anything in particular.“ (B. Cuson).